Primo Nogero

Canada’s cool capital is known as “Ottawa”. Primo Nogero restaurant is placed in this capital this region starts from east of southern Ontario to city of Montreal and the U.S border. It has center parliament Hill, covered by Ottawa River and the great Victorian architecture. Weather in Canada is amazing and the park -lined Rideau Canal is filled with boats in summer and in winter people can enjoy ice-skating. Canadian cuisine and food habits are different and Ottawa is the largest municipality so food demand and variety requirements are also high. The restaurants’ are not only a place to have food, people can meet, business purpose meetings, family outing filled with food and joy. There are many restaurants but quality means a lot so that type of restaurants at Ottawa is listed .the first restaurant is “Alo” the experience at Alo makes people so comfortable. The entrance starts with food items and cocktails, and then the restaurant takes people to dining room with six-course menu degustation. It begins with foamed potato, pork chop, cranberries, walnuts and radicchio, crispy cauliflower, sweet, buttery squash paired with citrus fruits. These foods are modestly priced. Next restaurant named as “toque”, in this people can taste American style food lobster mushroom, warmed Quebec blueberries, puffed buckwheat, the cooking here is modern, inventive, and they are inventing new tastes of foods by combining flavours. They are real innovators in Canadian cuisine they have some iconic dishes like poutine, that is crispy fries, cheese curds, and rich gravy all combined meal. Poutine is French Canadian food and it is so popular and people can get this meal all around the world it along with toppings like pulled pork, bacon, and smoked meat. Another dish is bannock that is too delicious .a simple bread is also the main food in the diets of Canada’s aboriginal people. When modern varieties of food came this bannock is associated with baked versions and fried versions. In recent times the bannock is holding the most of the customers so many variations made to improve the taste and the most selling product.

The next yummy dish is butter tarts that are so simple but the taste is lip-smacking one. They are making flaky pastry shells with a butter, sugar, and egg filling. This is one of the best Canadian foods, people always think and hankering long after people they have left the country. Canada is an enormous country and it has many coastal areas, those people can get seafood easily, especially Atlantic salmon and Pacific salmon, smoked salmon arctic char and the most important east coast lobsters. Nova Scotian lobster rolls are the favourite food for Canadian. Hungry busy people always prefer Montreal-style Bagels this one is most dominant food in Canada. Montreal’s bagels are sweeter, denser and thinner than their counterparts. This is baked in the wood fire and covered in sesame seeds. Saskatoon berry pie is almond flavour, sweet pie, it looks like bread jam with ice-cream but it taste is worth for money. Montreal-style Smoked Meat is same as pastrami, this is spicy and salted meat smoked and steamed to cook at its perfection, they the combo with this item, that includes are bread sandwich with poutine. And with this smoked meat Schwartz deli created sandwiches that undergone very popular and great revenue to the restaurant. Peameal Bacon is leaner and juicier than American –style bacon, which is made from boneless pork and that too trimmed and rolled in cornmeal. The delicious dish from Canada called beavertails, this is deep-fried dough filled or covered with different varieties of toppings that includes peanut butter, Reese’s pieces, and Nutella. Which is not exactly a traditional Canadian food but it bit oriented to traditional dishes. The traditional dishes have always resembled the country’s most preferable flavours, so that kind of food is split pea soup that is ingredient with peas, herbs, pork blend together for pure, creamy .during winter most of the Canadian give priority to this split pea soup.

Tired’érable sur la Neige is called maple taffy that means sweet sugar candy .this is prepared by pouring boiling maple syrup over snow, so that chill could make it to immediately harden that is settled with the pop stick, it is a kind of dessert loved by the child to elder people. The next one is snack item named ketchup chips from the name itself people can get an idea of that, yes it is ketchup flavoured chips. There are the plethora of chip flavors people can find in Canada, Canadians are addicted to chips especially Ruffles all- dressed chip. People can feel the taste of tomato, onion, BBQ, sour cream, salt vinegar at every bite. These chips are traditional Canadian junk foods. Another one sweet item is Nanaimo Bars which of three layers first is thin layer crumb and is coated with chocolate on top. It gives perfect crunch feel while eating this dish. The name comes from British Columbian city. Pouding chômeur is called “the unemployment pudding” is a French Canadian dessert. It is created during the great depression, which is advertised one of the traditional Canadian foods on the list. With few basic ingredients, they made very delicious food that is cake batter, hot syrup. Canada’s national cocktail is Caesar Cocktail that is made up of vodka, Tabasco, clamato juice, and Worcestershire sauce, accompanied by best brunch companion. In recent time restaurant in Canada includes modern cuisine to celery salt rim with roasted chicken, burgers, onion rings, hot dogs, sliders.


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